A road trip with the OTs

A road trip with the OTs

28 June 2015

After a 3 hours of being wedged in a car full of folders and piles of paper, the research team (7 Occupational therapists and myself) arrived in Donnington – this year’s venue for

Made in Brunel

19 June 2015

Whilst exhibiting the evolvable walking aid kit at Made In Brunel, we had the pleasure of meeting the Kenyan High Commission’s Counsellor for Education. The counsellor had heard about the project in

Should you Aspire to Inspire?

21 February 2015

Humans have a natural curiosity for how things work. It’s what leads many of us into the design and engineering field. As design becomes increasingly dependent on ‘invisible’ technology, inquisitive

The Story of a Patchwork Llama

9 July 2014

This week Meru llama featured in a news report by IEN.  ‘Who is Meru Llama?’ you ask. Before we come to that you should first understand the story behind our

BPMA Design Innovation Awards 2014

26 June 2014

The BPMA Design Awards is an annual competition which seeks innovation for the promotional products industry.  The brief outlines the need for commercial viability and brandability of the design and

Bugzi Wheelchairs for toddlers

11 March 2014

Bugzi is a powered indoor wheelchair which offers a unique opportunity for pre-school children with disabilities to experience independent mobility, often for the first time in their lives. Last week

Inspiring Girls to choose ‘Engineering’

27 November 2013

Aspiring engineers from a local school’s science club welcomed two visiting speakers this week. Year 9 – 12 Science Club members of Dunottar Reigate School for Girls enjoyed talks from

MEX event

30 September 2013

MEX is a two day conference which brings together the brightest minds in mobile, media and design to share knowledge and create a collective response to the MEX Pathways.  Creative

What is the Mayor of London’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur?

22 March 2013

Boris Johnson wants London to be recognised as a world leader in improving the environment, both locally and globally. He is realising this vision through big, bold improvement programmes and an

So, What is Industrial Design?

4 September 2010

It was decided. I cannot believe that a few months ago I had never even heard of Industrial Design, yet the past hour had just convinced me to turn pretty