Project Wallk at Big Bang Fair

Project Wallk at Big Bang Fair

20 March 2016

Imagine a show bursting with clever inventions, hands-on workshops and innovative ideas to give thousands of young people a glimpse of the exciting and rewarding opportunities to be found in

Breaking the mould

1 December 2015

Back in October we headed over to Germany to explore what felt like the largest trade fair for walking aids in the universe; for us it was market research paradise.

The MedTech Prize winners

11 November 2015

Last night I was at the Royal College of General Practicioners (no, this isn’t a career change). I was actually there to pitch as a finalist in the MedTech competition run by

A research trip to Düsseldorf

18 October 2015

After a month of user research and design refinements we’re gearing up to make test prototypes for our walking aid kit pilot tests.  This includes making some important decisions about the manufacture

Three Designers and a patchwork llama

28 September 2015

What’s this you ask? This, is the new generation of walking aid kit designers; an enthusiastic tribe of fresh-thinking innovators. A team (finally!). Our two amazing new students are Katey (left) who will carry on

Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

10 September 2015

Over the past month we’ve taken a co-creation approach to develop and refine pre-prototype models of the evolvable walking aid kit, using feedback from walking aid users to ensure the product

Project Foundations

10 August 2015

One month into the project and we’re well under way with the walking aid kit design now. The project aims to offer long term walking aid users with the ideal type

New Chartersip for Product Design

10 July 2015

The Institute of Engineering Designers recently celebrated its 70th anniversary at St James’ Palace. To mark the occasion a chartership for Product Design was introduced to recognise the achievements of those working in the

The launch of Cara Design

7 July 2015

A learning experience is one of those things that say, “You know that thing you just did? Don’t do that.”   I’m learning to make decisions at the moment. This next

The Inclusive Technology Prize Finals

30 June 2015

Two weeks before graduating I find myself here in the London School of Economics for the finals of the Inclusive Technology Prize finals – I’ve somehow got into the top