The Story of a Patchwork Llama

The Story of a Patchwork Llama

9 July 2014

The Story of a Patchwork Llama

This week Meru llama featured in a news report by IEN.  ‘Who is Meru Llama?’ you ask. Before we come to that you should first understand the story behind our mission ‘MERU to Peru’.

Living with a disability requires a different approach to life but it shouldn’t stop anyone from accomplishing the things they want to do. Goals can often be achieved with the assistance of specialised equipment and a positive attitude; easier said than done when you live in a developing region of the world where the attitudes towards disabilities are negative [like Peru].

Kiya Survivors Rainbow Centre is a charity run project located in rural Peru. The centre works with over 50 children and young people who have some form of disability, be it visual or hearing/speech problems, autism, Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy or victims of abuse. The centre focuses on giving these children the education, therapy, support and love that they could not have anywhere else.

MERU is a life-changing charity, using design and engineering skills to make bespoke equipment for children with disabilities to help them live to their full potential and achieve their goals.

The collaboration of these two charities will bring MERU products and physiotherapy equipment to The Rainbow Centre, to transform the children’s education by enabling them to develop a range of essential life skills with the assistance of MERU’s specialist disability products. On the 25th August 2014, Meru Llama will be delivering a range of these products to children at the Rainbow Centre. The trip to Peru is being 100% self-funded, however, the products being delivered to the Centre cost £500 to manufacture, so our dear little fund-raising mascot Meru Llama (scruffily hand-stitched by myself) is on a mission travelling around meeting all sorts of people to raise the money. As well as meeting countless other llamas, Meru Llama has bumped into a few famous faces including The Stig and Jon Tickle!

The  adventures of Meru Llama have grown quite popular with the fans; check out whats been going on recently at Meru Llama’s facebook page.



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